New things abound!! Posted on 09 Apr 21:45

LOTS of new things happening at The Hartmont Candle Company this week!  We have new promos, new videos, new wholesalers and just lots of general excitement.  Things are hopping!

Our biggest announcement is the unveiling of our Referral program.   Our online sales have really started to pick up and this is our way of saying, "thank you" to all of our fans who have steered their friends, acquaintances, family and fellow lovers of great scents, onto our webpage.  Those who refer someone to us earn discounts that they can use when they order online as well.  The referral program applies to first time orders only but one person can refer many people and keep earning 20% of the first time purchases for each new online customer that we get.  That's a pretty sweet rate that can make someone get really excited about ordering online.  Just remember to type in the name and email address of the person who gave you the referral in the box at the bottom of our shopping cart.  We will then be sending that person their discount code to be used the next time that they shop online.  They can use more than one discount code at a time and earn free products but the referral program cannot be used in conjunction with the spend over $100 free shipping program.  That is unless, the online shopper actually buys $100 of product, qualifies for free shipping and then uses their discount codes on the purchase of more products.

But we all know the hardest thing with purchasing scented products online is that you cannot smell what the product is like.  Unless you've been in our shop, it's really hard to know exactly what you are getting.  To make online shopping easier for you, we are now also offering free samples of 5 scents of your choice with every online order.  So if you're staying awake at night and wondering, "What does Grandpa's Den smell like exactly?" we can send you a sample with your order plus you get to choose another 4 scents along with it.  So now Night In Paris, Grandma's Kitchen, Cedar Sage Blackberry, Root Beer or any of our scents of your choice no longer have to be a mystery to you.  You can sample them and know exactly what you are getting the next time that you order.  You just type in the name of your scents that you would like in the box at the bottom of your shopping cart.  It's that easy.  These little samples are great for sniffing, and if you have a melter/burner, they can be used in those as well.  We're just trying to make online shopping as easy and convenient as possible for you.

We hope that you agree that these are great incentives to get online and shop for some Hartmont candles....but I saved the best for last.....  

I know that you are thinking there can't possibly be more but there is.  We now have our virtual shopping tour online on our webpage.  What we're going for is that you are having the same experience virtually that you might have if you came into the shop and found me there.   It's Shopping with Lana 101. Just go to our Hartmont home page ( and you'll find me there.  It's mostly just your basic stuff but hopefully some informative little tidbits along the way.  You can see me light a candle (under Hear the Woodwick Crackle at the end of the first segment of your virtual shopping experience), have me explain what makes us different and what makes each candle different.  Over the next few weeks we will also be adding videos showing the candle burning, what to look for in a properly wicked candle and what they look like at their last burn.  Tons of information that you never even knew to ask about, is coming your way.   Hey, it may not be overly polished and we will not be garnering any Academy Awards but it's us, up close and personal.  We  hope you love it!  And tell your friends!

Cheers from Vancouver!