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Coconut Wax Launched and Going Strong

Lana McCullough

I cannot stress enough how skeptical I was of Coconut Wax when it first came onto the scene a few years ago.  I use Coconut Oil in my soaps and just thought that as a wax it wouldn't be anything extraordinary.  Boy, was I wrong.  It is everything that was promised and more. 

First off, as the person who painstakingly hand paints the color into each candle, it was slightly sad that with the soy wax candles, the color didn't hold or take very well.  It's nice for the first few days and then the color starts to fade in the soy wax.  It's the #1 reason that you usually see just plain old white colored soy wax candles.  Soy wax doesn't take color well.  Coconut wax takes color vibrantly and hangs onto it.  So the color of the candle doesn't change from the day that it is poured.  You can just imagine how exciting that is.  It's pretty great!

Coconut Wax also burns longer than soy wax so a large soy candle of ours burns for approx 80 hours.  The same version of Coconut Wax burns 90 hours.

We revamped the woodwick design so that the Coconut Wax uses a round wood wick which is easier to light (a simple match will do).  Just a quick touch of the match to the wick will light your candle.  With the flat wood wicks we have always found that creating a little bit of a wax melt pool at the base of the wick before lighting helps the candle to light well.  This means the use of a BBQ lighter is key and more complex burn instructions are required for the flat wood wick candle (and yes, we would even fix that same issue for other companies who use that same type of wick).  Our new round wicks are pretty amazing for ease of lighting and they sound even more like a true wood burning fire with the round design.  It is just a superior wick all the way around!

Because of that new combination of woodwick and Coconut Wax, one candle size does it all.  Our new Coconut Wax candle will get a full melt pool in about an hour which means it tolerates short burns and the exact same candle tolerates longer burns too.  So if you want to burn it for 1 hour or 8 hours, it doesn't matter.  One candle does both types of burn.  It eliminates the need for different sizes of glass/candle for different types of burns.  Just remember to trim the wick between burns and you are good to go.  

And I left the best for last!  The scent throw off of a soy candle is good.  The scent throw off of a Coconut Wax candle is just that much better!  Every nuance and detail of my carefully crafted scent designs is enhanced in the Coconut Wax.  The depth, the detail and the intensity of each scent is noticeably improved in our Coconut Wax. 

So let's recap....easier to light, looks prettier with our handcrafted paint design (resembling the Aurora Borealis), lasts longer, and improved scent throw.  Just wait until the new gift boxes arrive next month!  This is the MUST have candle of the year!  No wonder sales are going so strong for this design.  It's really impresssive!


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