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Splash Into Summer Hartmont Giveaway - August 2020

Lana McCullough

So excited to announce our August Giveaway!  This is our latest offering through Instagram and Facebook where I am giving away a large wood wick soy candle (Satsuma Guava to be exact), a Sage Lemongrass melt, a Life Is Sweet 3 touch lantern/melter, a one of a kind Strawberry Rhubarb/Satsuma Guava loofah, Raspberry Lemonade lotion, Ocean Mist linen mist, Beachwood & Vetiver body/hair mist, and 3 lip balms - Monkey Farts, Watermelon & Pink Icing.  That's over $150 worth of free products that I make (well, to be fair, I don't make the melter/lantern)!  

But to make this giveaway even more special....we are offering 5 FREE scent samples to anyone who messages me their mailing address.  And then I will put those samples into an envelope just for you.  Your mail is going to smell amazing!

Stay tuned for even more offers coming in the week ahead.  It's August and time for me to start building the base for online ordering in the Fall and Winter.  That pandemic doesn't appear to be going away which means I'm figuring out innovative and new ways to reach you and for you to benefit from online ordering.  It's a challenge but also alot of fun figuring out how to make it FUN for everyone!  Each box that arrives at your home is guaranteed to have something extra and fun if we aren't already excited enough with a box full of candles and soaps anyways. haha

Thanks so much for your support for each and every purchase and for your participation in all of my offerings that I send your way!  Huge love to you all!

If you don't have facebook or instagram, just email me your mailing address and ask for our 5 FREE sample offer and I'll be sure to get something to you as soon as possible.  Enjoy!






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