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End of Summer of 2020 Update

Lana McCullough

As Summer draws to a close, one is almost tempted to get nostalgic over it but given it's 2020, the temptation passes quickly.  Every day seems to be a fresh new round of what do we need to mentally handle and figure out today.  It was such a terrible start to Summer (as I closed the store in Winnipeg at The Forks to do everything I could to move the business forward and stop the massive losses that the Forks location had become due to COVID19).  It was a nice, solid Summer in Gimli with the concept of "day"cations or "stay"cations presenting themselves in full force.  But whenever I started to feel confident that I had things running smoothly, a news report would be released throwing the entire system into chaos again.....and leaving me feel exposed and susceptible.  It's not a good feeling.  BUT, I love what I do and I am not the first to shy away from a challenge so I work, I learn and I try to figure out a new way that will leave me less susceptible to the whims and reactions of a panicked marketplace.   There are no books on this and how to navigate your business through a pandemic that is current so, I just keep trying.  First and foremost, THANK YOU for all of the sales and support both online and walk in to all of my beloved customers.  You and you alone, have been the saving grace through all of this.  Your kind words and support have given me the courage to continue on days when I haven't quite felt up to the challenge.

Knowing how much support is out there, it makes it that much harder to tell you that I will not be attending the Vancouver Christmas Market this year.  I have already been told that the market of days gone by (the BIG event at Jack Poole Plaza) will not exist this year and they are working on doing smaller venues more like Farmer's Markets (I would assume) if the City of Vancouver does allow it.  Who knows?   It all depends on how this pandemic plays out over the next few months.  I am very pleased to tell you though, that our booth has been held for us at the VCM 2021 and I have every expectation to be there will bells on in November 2021 if everything is less disease spready by then.  In the meantime, please don't forget that it's FREE shipping over $100 across Canada & the US, 5 FREE samples and whatever soap sample or promo is happening at that time.  Right now, it's a FREE Poop Emoji soap which would be a great stocking stuffer!

The good news for Gimli is that I will be open year round this year and open for Christmas time if allowed to be open.  Of course, online shopping and curbside pickup and home delivery in Winnipeg, I can promise.  The rest isn't really in my hands.  If I can be, I will be open.  Today, I placed an order for some really cute Christmas glass and holders that can be used for either candles or tealights so I'm very excited to start thinking about decorating the studio in Gimli and making it festive for the holidays.  I've never done that before because I've been in Vancouver so it will be a fun new occupation of my holiday time.  I will even have my own tree at home and be able to decorate my house and do some good old fashioned Christmas baking of my own during the correct corresponding season.  No more Gingerbread cooking in January....well, unless there's a craving. haha

The good news about not being at the Christmas Market in Vancouver is that I am no longer limited by what I can and cannot sell at Christmas time so my Gift Boxes this year are being planned and will hopefully be an amazing online purchase to be shipped direct to the recipient of your choice or for yourself and available in the Gimli studio as well for walk in traffic (assuming that will be allowed still).  My creative juices have been on override as I can plan gift boxes with candles, lip balms, lotions or linen mists or body mists and bath bombs and bubble well as soaps.  All handmade by me.  I am thinking I will even be offering up some hand crafted soap savers as I can crochet as well and one cannot soap or pour candles while binge watching at night but one can crochet while doing look at me filling every hour with happy crafting and making!  When the gift boxes work well and gain some momentum I even have great ideas for next Spring, Easter & Mothers Day as well as going into Summer and leaning hard into those Gimli Beach Day themes.  It's going to be alot of fun!

Lots of great online promos are currently happening and coming in the months ahead as well so there is alot going on whether there are shut downs or not.  I'm learning how to make videos of production which I will start to do more of as well without giving away any of my maker's secrets.   I'm looking forward to it....I hope you are too!

Stay safe everyone and I look forward to being here for you! 


p.s  Ordering early to avoid the Christmas rush online is even more important this year so I'll plant that seed now for you.  

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