Our "Thanks for Loving Us!" Referral Program

We have built our business in a very grassroots kind of way.  That being, we have entrusted our faithful fans and followers to be sure to tell their friends where to find our candles.  Then it occurred to us one day that we should be rewarding our faithful fans and followers!   We love you just as much as you love us so as thanks to you for sharing us with your friends, family, co-workers (or even the friendly person at the bus stop) we are giving you 20% of your referrals first purchase amount as credit on your next order with us online.  Yup!  20%!!  And you can accumulate your referral credits to equate free product.  Just be sure to remember that the credits do not apply towards our spend $100 and get free shipping.  That program applies seperately from the referral program but if you want to spend $100 and get free shipping and then combine that with your referral credits, you most certainly can so that you get free shipping too!

Just be sure to have your referral give your name and email at the end of the online order (there's a box at the bottom of the shopping cart just for referrals).