All pricing includes all tax! Free shipping on all orders over $100 along with FREE, one of a kind Bubble Bath Halloween Cauldron (while supplies last) and 5 FREE scent samples. Gimli Studio now re-opened call 204-885-7595 to hold product for pick up and confirm hours.

Rewards Program - Home Delivery (Winnipeg)

An exciting new program that allows you the convenience and safety of ordering online and FREE delivery to your home in Winnipeg (minimum order is $30).  First order is 15% discount and each subsequent order within a 45 day time frame increases your discount (minimum purchase amounts do apply).    Each order comes with 5 FREE scent samples (enter your choices in the Special Instructions for Seller box at check out or we will provide them for you based on your scent selections from your order)  and one FREE surprise extra product (value from $5 to $30).

Orders between $30 and $150 are free delivery to your door in Winnipeg along with your 5 Free samples. Simply select home delivery option for Shipping Method and be sure to put your contact phone # in so that we can text you when we are coming to your door and remind you of the delivery day when it gets near.

For orders over $150.00, the first order discount 15% (use discount code HDP20201 at checkout) applies to your entire order. Your minimum savings is $22.50.  FREE delivery included.  This option offers 5 FREE samples but also a bonus item that is not for sale on it's own and designed and handmade specifically for this offer only.

Subsequent orders within the rewards program will garner even larger discounts.  Each order will come with a discount code specific to your account and your discount will grow as you use the service more and more!

This is a great program for the true Hartmont lover to receive amazing discounts!  For smaller purchases in Winnipeg, it's a great way to not have to pay shipping charges.

Delivery dates are every 2-3 weeks approx.  Reminders will be sent out to remind you of our delivery days so that you can be home to receive them and say hello (from a safe distance of course).  Next delivery date is November 1, 2020.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email your questions to or call 204-885-7595.