Rewards Program - Online - Canada & US

An exciting new program that allows you to earn your discount based on the amount that you purchase.  Discounts on your entire order from 15% - 25% (minimum purchase amounts do apply).    Each order comes with 5 FREE scent samples (enter your choices in the Special Instructions for Seller box at check out or we will provide them for you based on your scent selections from your order), one FREE surprise extra product (value from $5 to $30) and FREE shipping.

Use discount code :
HDS20204 SAVE min. $22.50!
for 15% off your entire order -
minimum purchase $150.00 (tax incl)

HDS20205 SAVE min. $40.00!
for 20% off your entire order -
min purchase $200.00 (tax incl)

HDS20206 SAVE min. $68.75!
for 25% off your entire order -
minimum purchase $275.00 (tax incl)

This is a great program for the true Hartmont lover to receive amazing discounts!  

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email your questions to or call 204-885-7595.