Dunkin' Pumpkin Bath Bomb/Bubble Bar/Light Up Ring

Hartmont Candles

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Dunkin' Pumpkin Bath Bomb/Bubble Bar/Light Up Ring

A black Jack O' Lantern Pumpkin filled with Milk Bath Bomb (scented Pumpkin Coffee) is topped with Bubble Bar (for creating extra bubbles) and a light up Halloween ring (in a variety of designs).  Dunk this into warm/hot water to relax in the tub.  Creates scent and soothing foam and fizz.   Pull the cauldron up and out of the water to watch the bath bomb ooze over the edges.  The icing is Bubble bar   Simply remove from bath bomb base and hold icing under running water to create luxurious bubbles.    

All items are hand piped so colors will vary as per the photo.  Price is for one.  The ring is a surprise as there is no opportunity to select the design.

This is at least 5 oz of bubbly, scented fun!

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