Still learning social media on the Interwebs

Lana McCullough

I like to think I have the candle making thing down. I still test like crazy to be sure but I think I'm probably 95% there. I've got it covered. So I start out with stars in my eyes, sell at markets, open some shops and I'm golden, right? Wrong. There's this thing called social media for mass marketing and reaching out to your customers. Okay, no problem, I can set up a Facebook account, link it to Twitter and we are done. Nope. Turns out that people can respond to you and tweet at you. Really. I didn't fully comprehend this concept until just today. So....if you have ever @ tweeted me or however you say it, then......I deeply apologize but I had no idea that you could and that I could respond. When you are sending love my way via Twitter, I had no idea that I had to log onto my account to see it. I really didn't. I don't know exactly what I thought other than to say I really didn't have a thought process at all. (insert long pause and palm of hand to the forehead here)


What can I say but I really am quite decent at the whole scent making, putting candles and soaps together thing but when it comes to social media, I fear that I'm still stuck at dial up and You've Got Mail. Now that I have confessed my inadequacy I am hoping that it will spur me on to grow and be better at communicating with you. Please understand that I didn't grow up with all this new fangled technology and though not 100 years old, I sometimes feel like it. Please also say a prayer for me as I have to learn Instagram next. I'm looking forward to reading this posting a year or two from now and chuckling at myself. Sometimes it hurts to be me. :)


Cheers from Vancouver!



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