About Us

The Hartmont Candle Company originally began as Hartmont Farms based at our 100 acre farm just outside of Carman, Manitoba in 1999. Being out in the country, many of the delights and pleasures of country living abounded. Our farm was complete with an orchard, a large country garden, many barn cats, a dog and horses. In the late summer, jams, jellies and preserves were made and candle making was to follow not far behind.

It was here that many an experiment was conducted to discover the qualities and creativity of working with wax. Simple candles were conquered first while paying attention to the highest quality of ingredients, including scent, color and 100% cotton wicking. It was then that candle making quickly gained momentum and the discoveries of what techniques created which coloring and texture became a specialty along with creating our very own blends of fragrance to create the perfect candle. All Hartmont Candles continue on with this specialty and you will find that the uniqueness of our candle designs and quality are unsurpassed.  Hartmont Candle Company supplies are sourced from North America where quality standards and regulations are high.

In 2006, the first official order for The Hartmont Candle Company came in and we have since then dedicated our efforts to creating unique, hand poured candles of the highest quality. It is our deepest wish that you enjoy our candles as much as we enjoy creating them for you!

We look forward to assisting you! Please call or email us!

(The Forks) 204-885-7595
E-mail: lana@hartmont.com

Hours :  10 am to 6 pm daily except Fridays 10 am to 9 pm.  Open Sundays!

Our Canadian Mailing Address:
25 Forks Market Road

Winnipeg, MB R3C4Y3

Shipping & Policies

All product is shipped via Fed Ex ground courier unless otherwise requested. Shipping within Canada is shipped from Vancouver, BC and shipping within the US is shipped from Blaine, WA. No brokerage or duty charges will apply to any shipments.

All Hartmont Candles are guaranteed to your satisfaction upon receipt. Any damages incurred while shipping must be reported upon receipt and will be replaced.

We reserve the right to place additional shipping fees on product shipped to remote locations. We will always advise the customer before doing so.

We ship to continental US and the 10 Southern Provinces of Canada only.

Please contact us for shipping outside these areas.