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Based out of Gimli, Manitoba, all of my products are all hand made at my studio at home.  Due to yet another long term lack of heat in the retail studio in Gimli, that location has been closed permanently as of Feb 14th, 2021.

Our flagship store was located at The Johnston Terminal at The Forks in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  We were NOT in the food court area of The Forks but rather go outside that building and look across to the second building on the site right next to the Forks.  

We did a 2 year test term at Granville Island, Vancouver, BC but as of the end of 2015 we decided to return to our roots and slightly change our direction of reaching our wonderful customers.   A return to Manitoba and juggling back and forth between MB and Vancouver Christmas Market became my norm until the pandemic hit.  And then everything changed.... like everything.    E-commerce has become my way of reaching customers across Canada and the United States.  Follow me on Instagram (hartmontcandles) or Facebook (The Hartmont Candle Company) or You Tube (hartmont candles).  These will be the best sources of up to date news and releases of all Hartmont goings on.

For those who need that in store experience, my business model is now that of online sales and particpating in pop up markets across Canada.  Please follow me on Instagram or Facebook or subscribe to the newsletter on this webpage, for updates on locations and where you can have more of an in person shopping experience.

Meanwhile, if you are ever in the Clear Lake area in Western Manitoba, do stop and pick up some of my candles at:


Wow Mahbuhay - 108 Wasagaming Drive, Clear Lake, MB