Candle Care

At Hartmont, our candles are handcrafted with dedication and premium ingredients. Here are some tips to help you fully enjoy their long-lasting quality.

Burning your Hartmont Aurora Candle 

- The wooden wick can be trimmed if needed.  To trim, blow out candle, let wax cool and harden and then pinch off charred wood with fingers.  Throw broken pieces of charred wood in trash.  Do notice that the more wood wick is exposed and burning the more sound you will get from your candle.  Expect a crackling noise from the wooden wick.  The sound varies in intensity at different times during the burn.  Tests have shown the crackling to be loudest when the candle is half burnt and the sound of the burning wick is resonating off the inside of the jar.
- Recommended lighting is a 5-7 second blast of flame from a bbq lighter with the flame from the propane lighter pointed at the wooden wick and the wax surrounding the wick.  Creating a small melt pool of wax will help with the wick staying lit.
- When near the end of the candle life(bottom 1/4 inch of wax left), it is best to let the candle burn itself out rather than leave a small amount of wax and expect the wick to light easily for the final burn.  A safety clip at the bottom of the wood wick will prevent the wick from lighting again once the wax has hardened.  You can also watch for the metal safety clip at the end of your candle and blow it out when you see it in the top of your wax. Then save your candle for a last burn where you light the candle and let it run out on it's own.  On the smallest candles it will be 3-4 hours, on the medium candle it will be 6-8 hours and on the largest candle, it will be 10-12 hours.  If at the end of your candle burn you notice the wick clip is not centered in the glass as it burns, simply take a butter knife and gently push the wick clip to the center of the candle.  Then wipe off butter knife with a paper towel and wash in warm soapy water.
- If you have had to light the candle for a short period and not get a full melt pool, you may be left with a wax edge that you suspect will drown out the wick.  Under test burns, when this happens, doing an extra long burn on your next time of use makes the sides melt away without drowning the wick.  This may take a few burns before the full melt pool look is achieved again. 

Loving your Hartmont soy candle
• Your Hartmont soy candle is designed to burn at its most optimum scent throw, glow and cleanest burn.
• A pure soy candle will have a snowflake-like look, called frosting, that appears in some places on the
sides of the glass container. This is your proof positive that you have a 100% soy candle.

When your candle is finished it will leave some wax at the base of the candle as the glass is not completely flat.  Simply scrape out wax with a spoon and wash the jar out with warm, soapy water.  The safety clip is hot glued to the base of the candle and will pop off in hot water as well.  You can then re-use or recyle your jar.