Happy New Year 2016! Hartmont Update

Lana McCullough

Happy 2016!

It's a New Year in so many ways! We had an excellent run in Vancouver for two years at Granville Island. So many great customers found us there and made the time spent in Vancouver very well worth it. The Vancouver Christmas Market was another rousing success and though a tough haul over 33 solid days, it always delivers and meets our expectations. We have so much positive support that in no way do I ever consider my time spent in Vancouver a folly. There are many connections made there that still will result in us bringing our line into Vancouver again in 2016 in new and exciting ways. I'm working on it!


However, I've said it on Facebook many a time, there is no place like home. You just sleep better, feel more rejuvinated and want to get back into super creative mode. Creature comforts like cooking from my own oven, having my own pet and my garage for my car become something that I really have missed and now treasure and appreciate. I'm looking forward to living through my first snow storm of 2016 and will be thrilled beyond words for my first thunderstorm of the year. Small little things that just get my braining buzzing!


I've still got my warehouse in Vancouver so it isn't like we have left completely....the door is still open if the right opportunity arises. And now comes the thrill of January planning. I'm going through the old and packing away what isn't needed in the near future and stocking and getting ready for the new. New markets, new products and a touch of new direction. It's all part of the growth of the business at the pace and way that I want it. Sometimes going a little too big takes away the sense of peace and creativity that I enjoy most. I make great products because I love making them. I love creating my own scents and designs and recipes. I think it's probably what I do best. When there is too much energy taken away from that for management and paperwork that is needed to support numerous locations, I feel that I suffer. And half the point is that I maintain my love of what I do. It's part of the recipe for making and doing great things.


But I totally get why people want stock and supply! I am without soap in my own house. Do you know how much I miss my Honey Oatmeal Moisture Bar?!?!?! I really want to get my soap selection and creativity going as well as adding new designs and scents. It's only been a few days that I've been “off” from actually making product and I am definitely getting the itch to get going...figuratively and literally. Just wanted to touch base with all of our fans and friends and say, “Don't worry. It's all good!”


2016 is going to be an INCREDIBLE year! A new webpage layout is coming down the pipes, new photos, more skin care products which I've always wanted to do and just a whole lot of wow coming your way. Thank you all soooooo much for your support and love and kind words, posts and emails. You are all amazing and my inspiration to do even better!






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