Happy Canada Day!

Lana McCullough

Happy July 1st Long Weekend!

I'm sending wishes for a restful and rejuvenating weekend for you!  It's a little late but it's still July 1st so I'm hoping you had a great long weekend.  I know I just look forward to that extra little day of downtime where I don't have to be anywhere but I still can choose to actively be creating at home.   So today, if you cannot hear it, the 3D printer is whirring by my side, making a new design for my ever growing selection of milk bath bombs.  Watch for some really creative new bath bombs coming this Fall (which is honestly only 2 months away... please don't shoot the messenger)!

New designs are being made weekly and as I get the time, I add them to my Saturday market selections.  You are going to notice in July that more and more bath bombs become available online as I am taking the majority of my Saturday sellers and will be adding them to my webpage so that they can be enjoyed by those across Canada and the United States.  It's part of my new restructuring of my business where I will be staying closer to home and offering all of my products more online.  It's just me streamlining things to make life more organized for me and more accessible for you.  So it's a win/win!

I am always filled with such gratitude when I think of my online business.  Each sale is always appreciated more than words can say.  You are amazing for putting your choice in my products!  Thank you!  I appreciate you!

In the meantime, while I expand and organize selection on the website, I am also available at the Salt Spring Farmer's Market every Saturday on Salt Spring Island.  There is the occasional stormy day that I will not be there but for the most part, that is where you can find me in person.  It has been a rainy Saturday sort of year so I think I've missed one Saturday due to the excessive wind but I usually tough out the gentler rains.  If you are coming over to find me, feel free to message me to make sure I'll be there for you and also to request your favourite items so that I can make sure that they are there for you as well. 

I wish I had more news to share but I've mostly been connecting with old friends and enjoying the beauty of Salt Spring Island recently.  It's been great fun!  Seriously, half of my posts are just beauty shots of my new island where we feel like every day is a day in paradise.  I do still work hard at creating new products and right now am mildly distracted with not only creating new bath bomb designs but also pondering whether I should work on creating some new soap designs for possible enteries into the Salt Spring Island Fall Fair this year?  Hmmmmm.....I'm thinking about it.  I may be more inclined to make soaps that can also be part of my upcoming gift sets for Christmas too.  Two birds with one stone sort of idea.  I will keep you posted!

In the meantime, as the long weekend comes to a close, stay cool, catch a lake or ocean breeze, and take a few moments each day to be thankful.  Today, and everyday, I am thankful to be Canadian and thankful for you!

Sending all of my love!


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