I'm back and planning!

Lana McCullough

Hello friends! 
It's been awhile but the hectic Christmas season is over and it's time to start anew on another year.  Boy, 2023 was exciting, wasn't it?  A BIG move, new equipment, new designs, new markets and a whole lotta NEW!  It was alot so I've just been using the last couple of weeks to decompress and sort through what I liked, what I was a huge fan of and then decide what to discard for 2024, all while factoring in what my goals are.
First let me say that it is beyond wonderful to be able to have plans again and have goals again.  That was sorely missing since 2020 and 2023 saw it return with a vengance!  Of course, I've dialed it back a bit going into 2024 and learned the valuable lesson of pacing myself while not pacing myself. lol   Also, I've learnt the tough lesson that sometimes, people don't promote what their events are going to be accurately and am very cautious about trusting their written words (and even photos) moving forward.  But every event brings a lesson that is required to continue on my journey so I embrace them all and know it will serve me well in the future.
Things that I do know for sure is that Salt Spring Island was the best move ever and I am really looking forward to the opening day of Salt Spring Island Farmer's Market on April 6, 2024!  New designs are already being made for that market as I take the lessons learned from last year and apply them to this years selection.  I will not be going off island this whole Farmer's Market season as I found that the most success for me and my business happened when I stayed on the island during the Spring & Summer.  This year I will be finding ways to enhance those opportunities on Salt Spring Island and Vancouver Island.
On Vancouver Island, I am thrilled to announce that I am now working with The Nanaimo Art Gallery on a more permanent basis so that Vancouver Island based customers can find me on their island now as well. I am in the process of planning to apply to more local art venues here on Salt Spring Island as those applications become available for jurying.  Of course, I cannot say anything about them until the process has been juried and I have been offered a position with them so I will keep you posted on that front.
This year, being almost as far West as you can go in Canada, I am going to really focus on making online shopping more streamlined so it's easier and more efficient for customers across Canada and the US.  Expect lots of online incentives and promos (not sales but promos) for those customers who love to shop online!  It's going to be fun creating events just for that!  UPS has been really working well in 2023 and with a depot right here on the Island, it's super easy access for me.  Canada Post picks up the slack when necessary and it has been a great year for shipping. 
Last , but definitely not least, my heart is filled with gratitude for all of the customer support online and in person over 2023!  I wake each day with gratitude for your support!  It means so very much to my small business and helps give me the moxy to dream bigger and better.  I appreciate it so very, very much!  As much as you are a fan of my products, just know that I am also a huge fan of you.  Never doubt how ahmazing you are!
Happy New Year!  

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