Bronze Eiffel Tower Melter/Warmer Gift Box

Hartmont Candles

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Bronze Eiffel Tower Melter/Warmer Gift Box

Designed and crafted by The Hartmont Candle Company Ltd, these One Of A Kind Wall Mount Melters delight the senses.  These are 3 inches in diameter approx by 3 inches high approx.   They are designed to fit a wall outlet.  The base is rotating and has an extended grounding plug for added weight stability and ability to use your melter in a socket that is placed sideways.  Each product is designed with enhanced toughness Silk PLA sourced from a natural corn source and is biodegradable while being able to handle the rigours of melting Hartmont soy wax cubes to emit a beautiful scent.

This particular design has the Eiffel Tower and trees with a cloudy sky on one side of the lantern and then just trees on the other side.  Choose the side that you wish to have facing outward.

Each Gift Box includes 3 melt packages (Sage Lemongrass, Beachwood & Vetiver, Lavender Clementine), 2 bulbs and one melter/warmer.  This is a limited time offer.

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