Sand Dollar Gift Set 2023

Hartmont Candles

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Sand Dollar Gift Set 2023


While supplies last! 

Sand Dollar Gift Set - includes 1 Large Aurora Soy woodwick candle scented Ocean Mist:

The Hartmont Signature design with a handpainted candle with a wood wick that crackles as it burns.  This candle is scented Hartmont's unique Ocean Mist scent that is reminiscent of the smell of a fresh breeze on the ocean.   *color may vary slightly from photo* Available in one size only.  Burn time approx 80 hours.  Candle comes in a gift box and with cork lid.

1 Sand Dollar Milk Bath Bomb scented Beachwood & Vetiver.  Drop this 4.5 oz Bath Bomb into warm/hot water to relax in the tub.  Creates scent and soothing foam and fizz.  Each one is hand painted and handmade so no two are exactly alike. 

Each bath bomb has colored embeds inside which means that as the bath bomb fizzes and foams in your tub, it will shoot out surprise streams of color in the water when the water hits the embeds.   Handcrafted, hand painted and custom scented, these bath bombs have the added ingredients of Milk powder, Cocoa Butter and Avacado oil to transform your bath water into a fizzy, foamy, bubbly, soothing event!  

and 1 Loofah soap scented Ocean Mist  (approx 2.5 oz).

All handmade on Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada.