internetty...interwebby....or insta/net/webby.

Lana McCullough

Hey All!  I was looking for blog inspiration this week while still stuck in the trenches of facebook, instagram, twitter and basic computer connection/information overload.  There was something about this picture that a friend tweeted or re-tweeted (for correct terminology about how exactly I came across the pic) that just reminded me of my approach to all things internetty...interwebby....or insta/net/webby.  I basically now feel like I'm spewing words that don't even exist and English is no longer involved in this post.

But here I am...I do now check twitter more frequently than never.  I do post a few pics via Instagram but am by no means at the internet saavy point of once a day-5 times a week intervals as well....I have things to do, a world to conquer, shops to run, products to make and I like sleeping.  Perhaps, as I evolve on this journey of being out there and connecting with the world via technology, I will become more organized and be able to time manage it all.  Right now, it's a bit overwhelming and we all know that when things make our brains hurt, we tend not to get into the habit of doing them too quickly.  I'm working on it though.  Someday, it will be calm again....just not right now.  Because who are we kidding.....calm is NOT an option.  

My small victory for the day is that I even figured out how to copy and save and post this picture onto this blog.  Hey, you gotta celebrate the baby steps too!

Cheers from Vancouver!




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