Countdown to Christmas!

Lana McCullough

Let's be honest, the countdown to Christmas is ongoing for me 364 days of the year but.... the summer season is hitting and along with it the panic of Christmas a coming around the corner. Yup, it's time to ramp up production and get things made en masse for that season when the cool is in the air, the dark is enveloping us more and more as the days get shorter and the joy of a glowing candle becomes a wonderful comfort at the end of a long day. I get it. I love candles too!

So in looking forward to that season, I'm getting into our new Christmas scents. One we've been working on and test selling at our Granville Island shop is Forest Musk. It's a deeper, damper forest version of our Woodland Whisper. For the musk lovers out there, you'll love this one. It's a more masculine type of scent but us girls like it too! It's performing really well and will be headed out to Winnipeg in June to see how it does there. All signs point to it being as beloved on the Prairies as it is on the Coast!   If you're ordering on line, just add it to one of your 5 free samples while we get it loaded up for sale online (if you can't wait).

We WILL be at the Vancouver Christmas Market again this year from November 21st to December 24th, 2015! It's always a magical time and we're on our 4th year there. It's become such a tradition for me that it doesn't feel like Christmas until we are setting up our booth at the Christmas market.

I'm waiting for applications for any other markets that we decide to do over the upcoming holiday season. Of course I have my “dream” list but all things in due time and as I can handle it too....since it's still just me and my elf still making candles. In any event, it's going to be a lot of fun and I'm looking forward to it! Oh, the things we can accomplish with just a little bit of coffee!

Cheers from Vancouver!






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