Announcing our NEW Online Choose Your on Discount Rewards Program!!

Lana McCullough

As we pivot and discover what works and doesn't work in these COVID times, I am please to announce a discount/reward program that benefits online customers in Canada & the United States.

Currently we offer FREE shipping over $100, 5 FREE scent samples and some other add ons (like free soap sample, or free lip balm, etc) for online orders.That offer is still available....but..... if you want to get some serious discounts and rewards, you now have the opportunity to purchase more at better pricing.

This program is designed so that the more that you purchase, the better your discount.  Discount codes range from 15% to 25% and minimum orders range from $150 and up.  Free shipping still applies as do 5 FREE scent samples and the usual add ons that are being offered currently.   So for the first 15% discount, order $150 worth of product online and then at check out enter the discount code to get $22.50 off for a final purchase of $127.50.  

The 20% discount is available when you order $200 worth of product but then you enter your discount code at that check out and get $40 off for a final purchase total of $160.00.  

The 25% discount is available when you order $275.00 worth of product but after you enter you discount code, you only pay $206.25.  These are great savings!  It's a great reason to stock up for the Fall season and even do some early Christmas shopping.  Simply click on the Rewards Program Online tab on the left side of the screen to find the discount code that applies to you.... and then do some online shopping in the safety and comfort of your own home.  The only way to make that better is to offer some great deals as well!  Enjoy!




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