Lazy days of Summer and Covid restrictions seem to be over!

Lana McCullough

Hi friends!

It's an early blog for me as alot is happening.  So even though technically Summer is still in it's glory days, the time crunch of Fall and Christmas is bearing down on me and got me in that Fall frame of mind. 

As you may or may not already know, I will be at Scattered Seeds Show in Winnipeg from Oct 14 - 16th.  AND, I will also be at The Signatures Handmade Market Winnipeg/Christmas Show at The Convention Center in Winnipeg from Nov 24th to 27th.  These are two major shows so that is all that I will be doing this year as I will finish off my stay at The Arnes Farmer's Market on Saturdays (and no longer be there on Sundays) up until the last day of October 8, 2022.  I need Sundays for production and product development as Christmas gets closer.  All of these pop ups have me as a participant because restrictions are lifted and all signs point to it staying that is incredibly difficult to sell scented products with masks on.

Because of the time constraints that I now find myself running into, I am sad to announce that I will no longer be doing the Monthly Subscription Gift Box. It's been alot of fun challenging myself with the Monthly Gift Boxes over the past year and a half but I also had alot more time on my hands with the lockdowns and closures.   Thank you so much for your support with this offering while it was happening!   It was a really good deal and tons of fun to creatively put together for you. 

To help make up for the end of the subscription gift boxes, I am happy to announce the reinstatement of home deliveries in Winnipeg.  There will be no limit to the amount that you must purchase to qualify for the home delivery but there will be a $10 delivery charge to help offset the cost of delivery including time and gas.  Another change will be that deliveries will be happening during the week rather than the weekends.  This will free up your time on the weekend rather than hanging around waiting on deliveries.

Free shipping on orders over $100 is still in effect so a continued appreciation and thankfulness is extended to my online supporters across Canada and the United States!  Please do remember to try to get started on your Christmas shopping in September before crunch time hits!

And finally, the melters that I've talked about seemingly forever are getting closer and closer to completion.  Testing has been completed and I am now finalizing design tweaks for the September launch.  A soft launch will happen at the Arnes Farmer's Market with the online launch happening sometime in September.  Of course, all things going well, the melters will be at my pop up shows mentioned above.  

And that's my news for now.  I am ever so grateful for you all.  I love chatting with you in person at markets and I equally love filling your orders for you online and communicating via email and DM.  All support is good support and I am so thankful for it all.  Thank you for loving what I love to do!!


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