August is here in all of it's glory!

Lana McCullough

Hi to all!

Just a quick time to touch base and give you all my updates for August.  Sorry for being a smidge is hectic.  

Thank you all for your support online and at my wholesale shops and in person at Arnes Farmer's Market!  It means so very much to me and you probably get tired of hearing me say it....but it's TRUE!  I appreciate all of you!

I am busy planning and making for upcoming market days as well as the Scattered Seeds show in October 2022.  I unfortunately won't make it out to Vancouver this Christmas but am making plans for being there next year and looking forward to getting back to my home away from home.  This Christmas I am staying close to home in Manitoba just because I'm not sure if we are out of the quicksand yet and want to be sure that deposits and plans to travel aren't pipe dreams with the upcoming Fall flu season.  I will keep you posted on which shows I decide to do closer to home around Christmas time as I get accepted.

My new melter designs were just about ready for release until my creative brain took me off on a side tangent and I'm continuing to tweak to get the first run for sale as close to what I want it to look like as possible.  It is incredibly difficult to be making something that noone else has ever done and the search for finding the right materials for the right look is daunting.  There is noone to tell you what to use or what will work so alot of testing is currently going on.  I think I have the basic design down but now am working on the finishing touches that will also include box design on my part.  It all takes time.  I do believe at some point I will be having colorings and textures created just for me but we have to start small and work with what is just out there and grow from there.  Thanks for bearing with me and we are getting there!  I know I'm enjoying my own melter that I made here at home.  It gives off amazing scent and a nice warm glow in the early mornings or on dark rainy days.  I do really enjoy it on alot of levels! 

And so, my friends, that is my update for now.   Please do enjoy the cool mornings and evenings of August without the sweltering heat and humidity of July (and this year, May).  It truly is a great month and the perfect time to light candles and melt melts and soak up those last golden days of Summer!


p.s.  If you get a chance to head over to read the info on my Summer Promo that is on now until August 9th, you might find that of interest.

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