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Lana McCullough

Happy July to everyone!  The blog this month is a little tardy.  What can I say but I've been busy... or maybe distracted is a better excuse? lol

Online sales have been solid and Market days (when sunny) have been busy and prosperous.   Thank you to everyone who has continued to support my small business and help me find my way through these times.  I am still in the process of finding what my new normal will be and your kind words, visits and continued support helps me so very much.  It just gives me the strength to keep trying to figure it all out.  Thank you!!

For now, my model is to stay focused with online sales (FREE shipping over $100 and lots of add ons) and then supplement with pop ups while maintaining a few wholesale accounts for in store shopping experiences in Gimli, Clear Lake and the Woodridge areas. Exact addresses of where some in store shopping can be done are:

Lucky Stone Books - 33 Centre Street, Gimli, MB - opening May 15, 2021!

Vintage Corner Store -  19013 Provincial Route 210, Woodridge, MB

Wow Mahbuhay - 108 Wasagaming Drive, Clear Lake, MB - summer season starts May 1st, 2022!

The Arnes Market is my committment for this Summer/Fall season and if the weather would co-operate just a little bit more, then I will be there on Saturdays (9-2) and Sundays (10-2) until Thanksgiving weekend.   

I am confirmed for the Scattered Seeds first weekend of sales which is October 14-16th, 2022.  That is my first time at this event so I'm looking forward to coming into Winnipeg and meeting you all at the event for your Fall/early Christmas shopping!

This week I am putting in a couple of applications for some pop ups in Winnipeg in Oct, Nov (maybe Dec?) to see what comes of that.  I am not sure what I will land on as #1 I have to apply and be accepted and #2 it depends on the restrictions that are placed on what I can and cannot sell.  As you know, I have a rather extensive line and would like to bring as much of it as possible to a retail event.  And then, of course, the amount of time travelling, handling of possibly icy roads, cost of gas, etc all factor into what I decide to commit to.  I will keep you posted on where I end up over the next little while.

And then finally, as we all wait with baited breath, progress is happening on the new product designs. First prototype testing is coming along nicely and though I am so excited to share pics/videos, I am waiting until they are ready for sale before doing so.  I think they will be worth the wait!

Until next time! 


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