June is here!

Lana McCullough

And what a start it's been.  The Interlake region (which Gimli is a part of) got washed away in one of our biggest rain/wind storms and we are told that it isn't nearly as bad as they were expecting.  Trees were uprooted, basements were swamped, roads were washed out (yet again) and general mayhem ensued.  It was a week of managing the rain and the aftermath, that is for sure.

Now that things have settled a bit, I participated in another full weekend at the Arnes Market.  If you are coming to see me, you come into the entrance and go past the veggie/food area up front and find the path (on the South side of the market) back to the West end of the market and I'm in the last cul-de-sac of vendors back by the slushie booth.  That's my spot for the season and it's been doing well considering the weather and time of year.  I still wear alot of layers cuz the cold settles in still but hopefully in the next few weeks, Summer will peek around the corner and bring warmer and drier weather.  I'm looking forward to working a market in flip flops! lol  Thank you to everyone who has come out and said hello and supported me....I appreciate the love!!   The plan is to be there every weekend until the market is done in October barring weather warnings.  So always check online with my social media to make sure that I'll be there before making a trip out.  I will always post on days that I am not going to be there due to weather by 7 am that morning.

New products are starting to arrive and I am excited to have added these travel tins (that look like wood) to my June gift box.  They are around 6 oz of wax and last for about 50 hours of burn time.  Such a nice addition to my line.  Right now they are only available in the gift box so if you are looking for one, subscribe and get a great deal on the whole package.  Only $50 plus $5 shipping (who even charges only $5 for shipping anymore?!?) and you get a large Aurora, Goatsmilk Soap, Bubble bar and Owl bath bomb along with the travel tin.  Such amazing value!!

Beach soaps are online and available now.  These cuties have hand painted waves along with bare feet stamped in the sand.  Such a great addition to your lakeside cabin or your beachy themed bathroom or just for Summer!!  Search beach soap online at and you should be able to find them.

There are so many great items that I've loved making that are now available.  I'm making more each week and as they become ready for sale, I post them on social media (Facebook or Instagram) so if you aren't following me, please give me a follow and know all the latest!

Speaking of new items, I've even got a new item that I am hopefully finishing this week but it needs to finish the testing over the next couple of days before I can add it to my shop.  So.  Much.  Fun!!  Actually, now that I think about it, there are a couple of new items so stay tuned.  lol


So as you can read, I'm staying busy creating and planning and interacting with you either through social media, this webpage or at market.  I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for having faith in me, sending blessings my way and supporting my little business as it transitions through these tougher times.  Please know that you mean the world to me!  

Sending my love until next time!


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