End of January vibes!

Lana McCullough

January is so full of promise and planning.  It's so great but then around the end of the month, it starts to lead to almost frustration with the time it takes or is going to take for it all to fall into place.  And then I think of the story of Ella....  

I have a puppy and she (Ella) is an explosive bundle of energy.  Sometimes, annoyingly so.  But at other times she's a great reminder of being present and has the ability to pull me back into the pay attention to the now moment.  Cuz when a puppy needs something, they need it NOW.  Not in a minute. lol  When we first got her she was up alot in the middle of the night and up super early in the morning (5 am is super early for me anyways, I don't know about you.)  She really needed that extra comforting and bonding time so I happily gave it to her.  She is truly turning into a good lil buddy.  When before she would bound onto the bed and proceed to body slam and lick and bombard me with her wake up call, she now jumps up and lays down beside me and playfully chews on me and only slaps me a little with her great big paws.  The licking isn't quite as intrusive and well, we can see progress.  Slowly and with each day, she grows up a little and mellows just a smidge and I can see how she will be an amazing companion.  I am looking forward to when she will jump up on the bed and just lay down and go back to sleep without bombarding me with her love and asking to play at 6 am.  But I'm not frustrated with her at all.  I can see the progress even if it is slow and I can see it happening in tiny little bits, in it's own time. 

The reason I share this story with you is that I found it interesting that I can give that perspective to her but somehow demand more from myself.  I want to go from beginning to end with no inbetween.  I just thought I'd share what happens for me in the hopes that maybe my Ah Ha moment of being patient and kinder to myself in the journey that I am on, will help you with your journey too.  Be patient.  It will happen as it is meant to happen and being frustrated will not speed up the process. So for me, part of staying in the moment and not being frustrated is taking stock of what I have done so far, the blessings that I do have each day and just noting them and being grateful.  I dunno, but for me, that helps.

For example, without this crazy dog named Ella, I would not be bombarded with love unexpectedly (which I have to admit is kind of charming on her part) and not be able to learn some life lessons from it.  Or a simple thing like having a cup of coffee and just really savouring and being thankful for that first hot sip.  It is sort of fantastic!  We all have something to be grateful for....we just have to look for it.

I'll be posting another blog next week with all of the happenings coming up for my little company.  There's been alot going on and I'm looking forward to sharing that with you too!

Have a great week!  And if you are the one who needs to hear this, cut yourself some slack.  Enjoy the process.  Embrace it all and be patient.  Good things, are around us and continue to happen and are coming our way.  

Lots of love!


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