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Happy Fall!

Lana McCullough

We've had a very successful Summer 2018 with the addition of our Gimli Studio being added to our # of locations that you can find our products at.  This studio is in Lana's home town (that's me) where I live.  It's so fabulous being able to walk a few blocks to work every day and take the scenic route along Lake Winnipeg when I'm in the mood.  I LOVE it!

The Gimli studio location is unit #4 - 40 Centre Street.  That's right beside Flatland Coffee Roasters.  It's a pretty great smelling location between what I and Flatland bring to the table. 

The New Organic Coconut Wax Candles are flying off the shelves and rightly so.  It's the candle that I would purchase and take home with me.  They smell better, sound bettter and last longer.... a win/win/win.  It's still my great scents but with more detail and still hand painted by me so all the things you loved about the soy are just enhanced and made better.

This month we are working on a new launch for a way for customers to get the Hartmont experience while not being in our shop or studio.  It's a big challenge but alot of fun to create.  Stay tuned!

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