COVID19 update April 12, 2020

Lana McCullough

It's been a very difficult last few weeks as the decision to close the shop at The Johnston Terminal at The Forks and then a few days later, the studio in Gimli, were both incredibly hard to make. Never, ever would I ever imagine that such a situation would happen in real time. But it has. And here we are. I am still making stock for when we re-open and filling online orders. I guess the beauty behind the online orders is that you get to choose from my full line of scents and if I don't have it on hand, I'll pour it specifically for you. Now that's customer service!

Projections get worse by the day but I had the feeling that when the shop in Winnipeg was closed that I wouldn't be coming back any time soon. I didn't think 2 weeks was the goal when it happened just as I don't think another 2 weeks is what will be required beyond this point. Projections from medical professionals seem to predict/expect April and May to be closed. That's a long time. BUT, I do have the most amazing customers. I've put together a shop online package that is hard to say no to. Free samples, Fortune Cookie O' Fun, (discounts from 5% - 50% on your next online order), Free shipping over $100.  Each order is a joy to fill and filled with gratitude. You cannot imagine the tears, joy, gratitude that each order is received with. Your notes and emails of support are welcome beyond belief. Some days they give the strength to carry on and some days they bring the deepest, humbling feelings of gratitude that bring on tears of happiness because I have the kindest and most thoughtful customers. You all are ahhhhhmazing! Huge LOVE to all of you!

Do follow me on Instagram (hartmontcandles) and my Facebook group if you are wondering what I am up to as I'm posting regularly. I find its just a way to stay connected when I'm up here by the lake, waiting this out.


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