Is there an ultimate dream?

Lana McCullough

Hello again friends!

This week I'd like to share with you exactly how I ended up on Salt Spring Island.  To alot it was sudden and unexpected.  And to be honest, though it wasn't overall a surprise to me....the timing of it completely was.

When I first started to craft many years ago, I had heard about a place called Salt Spring Island where the artisans were.  There was a reputation of that purist artisan excellence that really struck a chord with me.   So even, many years ago, I kind of knew that was where I wanted to be.  I never verbalized it except in passing conversations occasionally.  I actually have never been to Salt Spring Island until March of this year.  It's funny how that worked out as I think if I had been here sooner, I would have made this my home much, much earlier in my life.  The second I arrived, I was fighting this sense of home and love and rapture of being where I belonged.  I didn't want to fall in love because I was told it was incredibly difficult to find a place to live here and even harder to find a place to have a business.  So I was very careful about how I spoke about it in March, if I even spoke about it at all.  Only those very close to me know how I was thinking about it and trying to plan the move.  

But when I decided I was going to do it, it happened incredibly quickly.  So quickly, in fact, that I scared myself.  I didn't have the chance to think too deeply about the logistics or over think it .... I just did it.  If you had asked me in December if I was moving in 2023, I would have said probably not.  There was a shift in early 2023 as I opened the door a little to the possibility.  I thought, okay, I'll consider it, look around a bit and maybe make the move in July.  I wasn't firm on anything.  So I looked around on the internet, made a plan to go to the show in Edmonton in May and then continue on to BC to look around and decide where to go from there.  That is NOT how it worked out. haha  I made inquiries, in March and had secured a place in early April for a mid April move.  It just happened like it was meant to be.  Even now, I can be stuck in the windy market or in traffic (yes, occassionally the whole island shuts down because of an accident and there is only basically one major road so if you are on it, you are waiting) and I'm okay with that cuz I really am loving it here.   Every day is a new learning experience and yes, in the beginning that was a tad overwhelming but now it's just the new spice added to the salsa of life.  It's pretty great, is what I'm saying. 

This is not the end of the dream though.  I've alluded to such in recent postings as I am wanting to see a bit more in fruition and challenges from where I now live.  I'm working on making those dreams happen now too.  I've seen how one can happen without me completely understanding how to go about it. Now I have a little more understanding and know it won't be easy but I'm also seeing how when it is meant to happen, all the pieces just seem to fall into place.  Is the new adventures on the island that I'm planning big and scary?  Oh absolutely!  There is something about that flying by the seat of my pants and figuring it out as I go along, that creates such joy in my soul.  I may not travel the world to experience alot of new places but I choose to create the fulfillment and surprise in my life by creating new experiences and events where I am.  I am always pushing myself to be creating my reality outside of my safety net and becoming better at figuring out who I am.  So stay tuned...this has already been an ahmazing year and I have a strong feeling that it will just get better and better.   Thanks for coming along on the ride with me through these blogs and following me on social media.  Let's have fun doing this together!

Until next time!


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