Hello December! You sure arrived quickly!

Lana McCullough

Hello December!  
As always friends, it's been quite a ride.  Between two successful shows (Scattered Seeds and The Signatures Handmade Show) and a 5 week period in between them, I was sick not once but twice!  It took alot of production time out of my schedule but provided me with some amazing immunity for the biggest event (the Signatures Show) so I feel quite healthy this week. That's good cuz I need the time to fill online orders and get everything caught up.  Fear not, I'm almost there and if you are waiting on online orders, they will ship within the next few days and then I'll be back to my 5-7 days fulfillment time.  I'm really trying to get that down to 3-4 days for the holiday least that's my goal anyways. Canada Post has been great over the past couple of years at getting orders delivered quickly for me.  So we still have plenty of time before I'm saying that we don't have time to get that to people before Christmas.  But you know, it's kind of fun to get a New Years present too so I'll plant that seed while I'm here. 
I am always grateful for the support in person and online and treat every order or sale like it is my only one.  I have a great mentor in customer service and they consistently show me how to retain my customer base through my actions in business.  Suffice to say, they do an amazing job at making me feel special & loved when dealing with their business and I want to make sure that I do the same thing for you.'s the dish on the shows and the season so far.  Of course, online isn't over yet so I cannot report on that one until January's newsletter.  I was very tentative to even try doing any indoor shows this year simply because I wasn't sure what the turnout would be and I didn't know if it would be worth it or not.  But...sometimes you just have to jump in and try to swim.  I am happy to report that I am not at the bottom of the lake and my swimming skills are still pretty solid.  While others around me were complaining about down sales and attendance, I felt like I had very worthwhile experiences at both shows. The NEW melters sold out right away at the Signatures show and they did very well at the Scattered Seeds show as well.  I'm looking forward to really developing that line in 2023.  I know that I LOVE my melter for it's glow and dimensions of light when I use it and it works amazing with my melts!  And for a first time out in the marketplace they caught the attention of many people's eyes.  It was a very positive experience for them!  Yay!
I am already starting to develop new scents and designs for 2023.  Some because I have to (suppliers are closing up shop or selling to huge corporations that are notorious for hiking prices while lowering customer service) and some because it's just fun to blend and make new scents and products.  As much as we wish life were running smoothly, small businesses are closing under the pressures of this economy and supply chain issues are still very much a thing.  It makes running a business even more difficult than in 2020 as this is turning into a marathon rather than the sprint that we were promised in 2020.  Fortunately, I LOVE what I do so I am pivoting and finding new ways of reaching you and developing new product so that you want to find me.  You know that I love when you love what I love to do!!
For 2022, I am done with any pop up markets or shows.   Online is how we are going to connect for the rest of the year.  I can ship through Canada Post or we can do FREE home delivery over $100 within city of Winnipeg limits or only $10 home delivery under $100 within city of Wpg limits.  Just select local delivery at check out and we will make arrangements to get your parcels to you on time.
Wishing you all the happiest of the season, whatever holiday you may celebrate!  Sending you all my love!   I hope you all are looking forward to 2023 as much as I am.  The embers of my fire have been fanned this season and I am over the moon excited for what is coming!  

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