Spring has to be coming!

Lana McCullough

Happy Easter to all!  Before we know it, May will be here and the lake will be melted and Summer will have arrived.  Ahhhhh.....finally.  It's been a long and cold winter.  As I type this, we are under a snowstorm forecast for next week.  I think everyone here has had it with the snow and just wants green grass and warm days here in Manitoba.

Speaking of Manitoba, on the NEWS front, I am delighted to announce Wow Mabuhay Gifts in Clear Lake will be carrying my line again this Summer & Fall!  They are set to open May 1st this year.  All cottagers and visitors of Clear Lake will be excited to hear this news.

As announced through social media, Vintage Corner Store -  19013 Provincial Route 21 in Woodridge, MB also is now carrying my line and covering customer service in the South East corner of Manitoba.   

And of course, Lucky Stone Books at 33 Centre Street in Gimli has my product line for Lake Winnipeg cottagers and shoppers year round.  

Online is available for all shoppers across Canada and the United States and I have made online shopping a cost effective and fun way for wonderful customers to reach me and bring my products into their homes. Thank you so very much for this support.  It does keep me focused and moving forward.  I appreciate it!

On the NEW product front, soaping designs are starting to make their way onto my social feed and will soon start to be added to my webpage.   Rest assured much research and development is happening right now for products that I want to have ready for this coming Fall and Winter.  It does take time to go from concept to finished and sellable product and I am in the midst of that right now.  It's a process and I do get frustrated with it sometimes too but I have enough experience to also know that it has to take it's proper amount of time to become what it needs to become.  It is part of what makes Hartmont products so special.   Thank you so much for your patience in this but I promise the end results will be worth it.

As always, but not with any less feeling, I want to thank you for your kind words, inspirational requests and purchases to support my little Canadian business!  Your thoughtfulness and care come across every step of our interactions and I appreciate that more than words can say!  

Until next month!



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