What's Up With Hartmont Candles?

Lana McCullough

Happy March to you all!

It's so nice to have March arrive finally!  There have been lots of huddling under blankets and trying to stay warm in these super cold, dark, short days of January and February.  I am so excited that the sun is coming up at 7 am now (instead of 8 am) and the change has happened relatively quickly which gives me great hope for Summer arriving sooner rather than later.  This cold has been brutal.  Mentally, not being able to or wanting to go outside for any length of time has taken it's toll.  I miss the warmth of a stroll along an early morning beach with sand on my feet as me and Penny splash in the water.  It just does my brain good to get that grounding and joy first thing in the morning.  It's inspiring and rejuvenating.  There is just something about that crazy dog purposely loping through the breaking surf along the beach.  She loves to splash in the water and splash me too.  Such a funny girl!  Hopefully those days will be back soon!

In the meantime, I have been keeping myself busy designing new things.  The subscription boxes are my own personal challenge to keep doing things that are new and challenging for me.  (March's Subscription Gift Box is pictured above.)  The subscription boxes include my candles (which are tough to deviate too far from) and my bath products that always have to meet my  high standard of what is acceptable as a product and they should be something that I haven't done before.  I have alot of fun with that.  Sometimes it drives me crazy as I can't get the vision in my head made into a product but usually that's more on me being too strict with what I want and not trusting the process.  So, it's nice to know that creatively, I am growing as I work through each gift box.  I LOVE to hear how you enjoy the gift boxes each and every month.  It just tells me that I'm on the right path and to keep trusting that things will work out in the time that they need to. 

A year ago, I wasn't even doing monthly gift subscription boxes and here I am sinking my teeth into each monthly challenge.  I am also very excited to have some new equipment arrive this past month and am actively working with it to create new products as well.  To start with, it will be designs with the bath bombs but as I learn more and more, I expect it to translate into designs with my soaps and my melters too.  All in good time though.  There is a learning curve here that I am taking classes for and doing as much study as I can (with a relatively new product to the general crafter) to hopefully make some really great products.  I'm just promising that 2022 will be the year of INNOVATION for me.  

I also have been updating the webpage and programs available online to you.  So that means that, if you haven't already, you might want to open a rewards account with me and start collecting those points.  I have gone back and awarded points to customers who made purchases after Dec 1st, 2021.  Do check to make sure that you got your points awarded to you if you fall into this category.  Also, it's important to note that you cannot save and save and save your points and use them all at once so do be sure to use them as you go for optimum benefit.  For the month of March I have set up earn free points as you like my page on Facebook and Instagram.  I am looking for peeps to like and follow my pages and when my Facebook page hits 1000 followers (we are soooo close at 991) I am going to do a give away for my followers of one free Surprise Gift box as follows >>>

That's a large AvoSplash Candle, a medium Lime Cola candle, an Olive Grove Dahlia soap, a Fresh Cut Grass Shamrock Bubble bar and a Sweetgrass & Cedar Duck Butt Bath Bomb.  So be sure to encourage your friends to like and follow my pages please.  This is such a fun extra surprise for everyone to have a chance at!

That's all my news for now...I am still uncertain as to what the coming year will bring.  Right now I am focused on e-commerce and the full time job that it is along with developing new products.   I just have inklings of where I want to be and what I want to do.....whether they come to fruition or not, is something I'm waiting to see.  I promise I'll drag you along on the ride.  Until next time and always grateful for your support!

Sending all of my love!


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