The last week of July making me feel like home!

Lana McCullough

photo of grey cloudy skies above a skyline of fir trees
A rainy day in BC!
Hello and greetings from  Salt Spring Island.  It is finally raining a little bit.  The last rain day here was June 10th.  That's about a month and a half ago.  I knew the summers here would be warm and dry but I don't remember it being quite so rain free completely.  None the less, it finally feels like living in BC....just that nice, even, soft rain that we rarely got on the prairies.  I LOVE it!  It feels like how I remember Vancouver being and all the happy vibes of that just makes me very, very happy.  The rain isn't lasting too long but just that few hours was enough to remind me why I love it here the most.  
I attached this very specific pic today to show you what I am surrounded by for skyline here on the mountain.  It is interesting how that is the same design of my Fir Tree melter that I make and sell.  I manifest things without even knowing that I'm doing so. This is also the inspiration for some of my new designs that I'm working on.  So far, it's coming along well.  My last step is to figure out how to do the sandblasting which is completely new equipment for me but it's similar to my airbrush and I can remember how scary using that airbrush was the first few times.  Now I completely love it and the finishes and looks it creates for me on my bath bombs.  If the sandblasting creates equally as well, I will be very happy.  If you think you are hearing squeals of delight later in the week, that will be me sandblasting and it working out.  If you hear a giant Aaaargh, then that will be me sandblasting and it not working out. lol  Don't worry, I've figured out the equipment to translate and cut the designs for the sandblasting and learnt that new piece of equipment already, so another new tool is just part of the evolution of the business.
With all of the new pieces, from the 3D printer for printing molds and stamps to the air brush to the sandblaster to the cutter/printer, I've really been stockpiling a bunch of knowledge and skill to get to this point.  It's amazing how each thing I learn, becomes a skill for future new designs.  I wonder if this is what being an artist feels like?  Maybe?  Anyhow, I am very excited to finally be able to show you the pics of the end design when all is said and done.
While doing this I am also adding a couple of new scents to the line for Christmas.  I want you to be so excited to come to the shows that I'll be attending this upcoming Fall and Holiday season, that you'll be lining up at the door in anticipation.  And I want to have something really cool to show you that noone else has available.  This is candle making on steroids by using my candle making skills of over 20 years (look forward to next weeks blog looking back on my first candles made and sold and their story), my newly developed design skills with technology available to me now and my creativity to make products that are incredibly unique & beautiful and make amazing gifts for loved ones or treats for yourself.
You know that I love when you love what I love to do!  Thank you so much for your continued support online and at the local Salt Spring Island Farmers Market!  I appreciate any way that you can stand behind my little business and come along on my artistic journey.
I wish you an amazing last week of July!  Sending lots of love!

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