Why aren't you doing the Vancouver Christmas Market Part 2

Lana McCullough

Did I forget to mention that there was a part 2 to last weeks blog?  Oopsy.  I actually didn't know there would be a part 2 but here we are, trusting the process.  I am very excited to announce that I have been invited to participate in the PNE Winter Market 2023!!!
That means that I've got alot of work ahead of me but I am more than willing and happy to do it.  So as I sit here blogging and sipping my hot cocoa (the Sea Salt Caramel version) with marshmallows on top, I am plotting out my production schedule and trying to squeeze in as much great product making as I can.
The reason that I applied to this event was simply because it is the one weekend and then 10 days before Christmas.  Same outdoorsy concept of the VCM with some really great differences like a bumper car event on ice, skating rink and other really cool stage events.  But, for me, the one big difference is not having to do the marathon 6 weeks of slogging it out for 8-10 hours a day in an outdoor booth.  I'll give more details as the event gets closer but I believe this event is from 4 pm daily to 10 pm in the evening.  I can keep my online business running smoothly up until the last week or so before Christmas which isn't as big a deal because shipping usually slows down at around the 10th of December anyways.  The weather will be what it will be but again, just trusting the process and really looking forward to making this market a mainstay of my Christmas seasons in the years to come.
Once more details come my way, I'll pass them along to you but it looks like it was a good thing that I hung onto all of my booth decorations and heaters and shelving as I'll be using them again this year.  YAY!  Be sure to add this event to your MUST ATTEND list this upcoming holiday season.  
Ever so grateful for the opportunities being presented to me this year and always thankful for your support throughout my journey.  Sending all of my love!

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