An August hello!

Lana McCullough

Time flies!  I'm having alot of fun this Summer and I am living my nice quiet life in Gimli and learning to be more in the moment.  This is definitely something that was missing in my life pre-pandemic.  I enjoy beach walks almost every morning (when weather and air conditions permit) and really focus on being present and appreciating each day.  I have lived in Gimli for 4 years and this is the first year that I have been on the beach almost every day.  Isn't that amazing?!?  To live in such a beautiful place and never go to the beach because I was too busy working?!?   I know, right?  Some of us needed to have the rug pulled out from underneath us, to fall hard and then wake up to what is right in front of our noses.

So here I am soaking up the beauty and challenging myself creatively in ways that I have truly missed.   The noise of making sure shops are manned and stocked and running smoothly has stopped because I have no shops.  In the quiet, I have forged a more peaceful, creative and ultimately beautiful way. For those who have joined my Monthly Gift Subscription Box to not only enjoy great savings ($50 instead of $80! And only $5 shipping across Canada and the US!  That's crazy talk!), I just want to thank you for coming along on this creative journey with me.    For those who have shown continued support by shopping online, Thank you too!  Your support keeps me going!

The beauty of all this, is that I get to tap into challenging myself to make new and different things that I have never made before.  It is so much FUN!  I've even got some revamped and new candles scents coming in the spirit of making something I've never made before. unexpected side benefit to all of this is that it has unlocked my outside of the box thinking again and allowed me to plan and think about the future.  This was seriously something that I couldn't do for over a year.  (did I mention that the rug was really pulled out from underneath me?)  It is only within this last month that I have started to think about new projects that I can do moving forward.  Most of it involves being online and reaching people in new and different ways.  It is so hard to do because this has never been my business model but I am working at it and figuring it out and can see the potential of connecting with old and new friends/customers far beyond the borders of Gimli, Manitoba.  I love inspiring others and conversely they inspire me and the results are and will be ahmazing....I have no doubt. 

So that's my teaser.... I am still making and selling what I have in the past but there are very cool things to come from me.  Some of it is something I would have never thought of doing and never dreamed it was possible for me to do until this year happened.  And now, here I am giving it a chance to grow into something extra special.  I'm not 100% sure what direction it will go in as it has the ability to morph into it's own destiny but I guarantee you that I will still be doing what I do best....making marvelous scents, creating new and exciting products for your home and your bath and body and walking to the beat of my own drum.  I love leaving Easter Eggs throughout all of my social media so if you want more clues of what is to come, be sure to follow me on my Facebook Group (Hartmont Candle Company) and Instagram (hartmontcandles) to see more sneak peeks into what I am working on and what is to come.  If you are already along for the ride.....THANK YOU!  Your support is a huge inspiration to me!  I appreciate your DMs of support and kind words and referrals and testimonials....all of it!  Please keep doing it!

In the meantime, I just wanted to touch base with you to let you know that I'm still out here creating.  I'll plant the seed of, If you are looking for Christmas presents, NOW is the time to order so that we aren't panicking in November and praying that it gets to where it needs to be on time.

Do join me for me for my Work With Me Wednesdays!  They are every Wednesday at 1 pm and it's a chance for your to come into my workspace for about 20 minutes and chat with me and see what I'm doing face to face (via Facebook).  Technology is an amazing's what is getting me through and it is what is providing me huge inspiration and opportunities moving forward.  Crazy but true.  Each day I learn new feats in the making of my products and on the computer.  I am getting much more efficient and confident at the NEW way and with that comes even more learning but even more exciting ways.  I'm excited for it and always welcome you along! 

 Please leave a comment or testimonial at the end of this blog and I hope to see it and use it in upcoming feeds of my social media. (honestly, I'm not even sure that I will find the comments until I blog again but maybe my webpage will tell me someone has left messages? ~ I tell y'all, it's a giant learning curve.  Thanks for hanging in there with me.)

Lots of love!




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