February newsletter!

Lana McCullough

Happy February!

Lots going on this month so let's get to the first announcement! I have
5 new scents for the start of the year. I haven't brought any new
scents out since the beginning of the pandemic in Feb/March 2020 so this is long overdue. Hence why I decided to do 5 new scents instead of just one or two. These NEW scents are as follows:

Avosplash ~ a slightly sweeter but toned down version of my Sage Lemongrass as the soothing green and slightly musky scent of avacado is blended in along with verbena and pine to build more depth to the scent.

S'Cozy ~ this is a warm and cozy version of the popular Sweater Weather themed candles that are on the market but given a more upscale cashmere blend that makes you just want to just snuggle into this scent. Great for a variety of scent lovers as there are notes of slight mint and citrus along with mossy earth tones added to the cashmere.

Fresh Baked Bread ~ that perfect blend of buttery, sweet buns makes this exactly like the bread your Grandma used to bake.

Beach Moss - this is a Summery blend of beach sand, algae and beach grass with just a touch of sunshine and coconut.

Earl Grey Cider - this is a variation of Earl Grey Tea blended with crisp apple and roasted chestnuts. Definitely a new twist on Earl Grey Tea.

My second announcement is that due to increased shipping of parcels on my part (THANK YOU!!), as a business, I am experiencing a drop in shipping fees which allows me to do 2 things:

#1 Pass the savings along to you with new shipping costs for under $100. A minimum 25% drop in shipping costs across the board on my website means orders under $100 will now ship for $15.00 instead of $20.00 to $25.00. Of course, FREE shipping applies to all orders over $100.00.

#2 But because of how busy I am and reduced costs of shipping via Canada Post, I will no longer will be offering the home delivery program.

My third announcement is my new bonus/rewards/referral program for loyal online customers. This will include signing up bonuses, birthday rewards, referral rewards being added to the purchasing bonuses that already exist. It is hopefully an easy to follow app that allows you to monitor your own progress and use while allowing me to make fun bonuses throughout the year easily for you to use during specific promotions. Please do set up your account on my webpage and see how it works for you. I really appreciate your feedback on this feature as it is new to me too, and I will be learning how to use it so that it is the most beneficial for you. For current customers, I have enabled the point system for the past 60 days of purchases so you should see that reflected in your points system.

And the final announcement is that the subscription gift boxes are doing really well and such a fun way to make every month a fun surprise to treat yourself! I am enjoying creating new and one of a kind products for these boxes. They are a great deal as they are $50 plus $5 shipping only. The value is for one large candle, one medium candle (have you noticed that we have already surpassed $50?) and then a bubble bar, bath bomb and soap (these are easily another $25 in value). Be sure to check it out.

Please take the time to check out the New Scent promo, sign up for the bonus app/rewards program and stay tuned for monthly newsletters offering the best deals for my products that is only available online. There is so much to be excited about and still so much more that I haven't told you about yet. Stay tuned!

As always my friends, thank you so very much for your support and your continued support. I appreciate it more than words can say. Even if you support is something as kind as a nice email or a photo share on Instagram or a dm, I appreciate all that you do for me!

Til next month!


Hartmont Candles

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