Impossible or I'm possible?

Lana McCullough

 We aren't done yet...

Building back after the pandemic has not been a cake walk given all the challenges along the way.   Taking on a huge move and starting to build back the business have been daunting.  But I'm happy to report that I am still at it.  Still giving each day it's moment to take a step towards completing the impossible.  Trusting the process!

While trusting, I want to give a huge thank you to everyone who came out and said hello, chatted with me and supported me with kind words and purchases at the Salt Spring Island Farmers market yesterday.  It was a glorious day!  

In three weeks I will be back in North Vancouver at the Made In the 604 market at The Pipe Shop - 115 Victory Ship Way, North Van, BC on  Sept 30th and October 1st!  It is the kick off, off of the island event for my Fall season.    I have also been accepted for their Dec 2nd & 3rd weekend at The Pipe Shop - 115 Victory Ship Way, North Van, BC too.  North Vancouver, it is going to be so ahmazingly perfect to be back selling with you again.   It's been a loooong time since my Lonsdale Quay/North Vancouver days so I am really looking forward to these events.  I know they are going to be so great!!  

And then I'll be at the Salt Spring Farmer's market every Saturday other than Sept 30th and Oct 14th until the end of October.  While also being at the following events:

West Coast Women's Show - October 13-15th at the Tradex, Abbotsford, BC

West Coast Women's Show - November 17 -19th at BC Place, Downtown Vancouver

Signatures Christmas Market  - Nov 23 -26th at the Convention Center, Winnipeg, MB

I still have a couple of applications to do to finish off the year and take me into 2024 too so will keep you posted as those come to fruition. 

I look forward to seeing everyone at the above events and I'm jazzed to get back to some busy events on the mainland.  Still alot to do to get ready but I'm excited to get it done and see you all again!  And then of course, in the meantime, if you cannot wait for me to come to you, you can come and find me on Salt Spring Island.  This is such a magical place to come and get away from it all.  It is most definitely worth the ferry ride over!  Or, if it's just too far to come, I still offer online sales with FREE shipping (over $100) that you can enjoy as well.

I do share photos on my social media of new products that I am making weekly and you will definitely notice the candle content picking up over the next little while.  Unfortunately no sales are imminent as I am swamped just keeping up and planning for the busy season ahead.  But thank you so very much for your support when you do order online or shop in person with me!!  Your support always warms the cockles of my heart and puts a bounce in my step!

Wishing another great week ahead!  Sending all of my love!



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