West Coast Women's Show this weekend! See you there!

Lana McCullough

Hey there!
It's been a hectic week.... blog is coming in late but I squeezed a few minutes in to give you the updates and what's going ons with me this week.  Obviously I'm going to be in Abbotsford this weekend.  Show hours are:
Friday 1pm - 9 pm
Saturday 10 am - 6 pm
Sunday 10 am - 5 pm
Friday night will be the toughest simply because it's late for me but we all know when we are busy, time flies by so I'm thinking I'll be running on adrenaline until about 4 pm on Sunday. haha   I've got a friend coming to help me out at this show as it's much bigger than any of the shows that I've done this year.  I'm expecting it to be larger than Scattered Seeds was last year so it should be alot of fun as I was very busy last year on this very same weekend.  It's amazing how different a year can make things, isn't it?!?
I remember being beside myself with trying to get set up and not be exhausted as the Scattered Seeds show was my first larger show back after the pandemic.  Once sales and people arrived though, it was all good.  This one is pretty much bundle of nerves time too as it's the first time I've done this show and don't know what to expect.  Looking forward to reporting back to you next week with some good perspective and news!
In the meantime, no changes to my schedule for the rest of the season as I am fully booked and looking forward to having some down time at the end of December. It certainly feels a bit like the good old days.  Yay!
Until next week...or, for those of you coming out to the Tradex, I'll see you this weekend!
Sending lots of love either way!

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