What's up on Salt Spring Island?

Lana McCullough

Greetings from Salt Spring Island to you from this pic of my back yard! I do live on a mountain on Salt Spring so all the quintessential fauna and flora is here.  Deer, bunnies, eagles, hawks and all sorts of colorful birdies like hummingbirds and bright yellow ones that I have no idea what they are, visit me daily.  It's kind of wonderful!  When it rained last Saturday, we actually were living in a cloud.... so surreal.
If you follow me on social media, I'm happy to report that we have the tent at market thing down to perfection.  That tent has threatened to blow away like a giant balloon for the past few weeks and each successive week we tried to fix it.  Last week we had weights on all of the legs and two tie straps from the roof to the back anchors in the rocks embedded on the harbour shore.  That tent did not move and it was rainy and kind of windy last week.  So a couple of walls to protect from the rain and it was golden.  Even the bath bombs and soaps stayed nice and dry and intact.  It was a good test of all the systems and we passed with flying colors!  Yay! You can find me every Saturday at the Salt Spring Island Farmer's Market except July 8th when I'll be in downtown Vancouver at the Vancouver Art Gallery outdoor market. August will find me on Salt Spring Island every weekend and then it starts to get hectic in Sept (can you believe we are talking about Sept already?!?) but I'll wait until Sept is a little closer to post where I will be and for how long.
I also figured out where to recycle which took me quite awhile to do.  Now I have to solidify the how in my brain.  It was pretty intense.  I have a bit of a learning curve to figure out how and what items go where but the people in charge were very kind and helpful.  It definitely made me feel like I was in BC again.  Each time I'm here, I feel whoafully inadequate when it comes to how to recycle.  But I get to check the recycling to do list off my itinerary so it was an accomplishment.
Thank you all for your continued support online!  It means so very much to me!  There have been a couple of online sales recently as I am having to adjust prices that haven't been adjusted since pre-pandemic.  Expect that adjustment to happen next week, so if you want to get pre-pandemic pricing, hop online and shop now!
I have to hop off to the basement and get to work finishing items for the market this weekend.  I just got my newer computer working this week so will be adding those items online as well.  Slowly but surely, things are falling into place.  It's a good feeling as that means I am starting to be able to show you new items that are in prototype production right now.  I am so excited to get those finished and shown to you.  Fingers crossed for being able to do that in July!!
Have a great weekend everyone and if you get the chance to come and say Hi on Salt Spring Island, I always enjoy getting to see you!
Lots of love!

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