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August is here in all of it's glory!

Lana McCullough

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Hi to all! Just a quick time to touch base and give you all my updates for August.  Sorry for being a smidge is hectic.   Thank you all for your support online and at my wholesale shops and in person at Arnes Farmer's Market!  It means so very much to me and you probably get tired of hearing me say it....but it's TRUE!  I appreciate all of you! I am busy planning and making for upcoming market days as well as the Scattered Seeds show in October 2022.  I unfortunately won't make it out to Vancouver this Christmas but...

It's about who you are!

Lana McCullough

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I had the soul affirming discussion with someone this week about exactly this topic. They were comparing what they thought was the same product made by someone else to my candles. At first I was really insulted but then I decided to take from the conversation it's intent. It may not have been their intent but it was definitely the universe's intent. The type of wax and the burn time and the price was their only criteria. So soy wax, wood wick, burn time and price. “ It's the same as your candles is it not? “, is what they...