Mid August prep for Christmas is in full gear!

Lana McCullough

Christmas is just around the corner!
I know, I know, you are saying that just isn't so let's do the math...  1/2 or August is gone already.  It's the 14th today.  Which means we have Sept, Oct, Nov and December.  That was only 4 months friends.  We are almost on the last 1/3 of the year.  So yes, Christmas is just about here, especially this year when I am potentially starting my Fall/Christmas markets as early as the first of October.
So the past few weeks have been ordering and waiting on new supplies to arrive and as they arrive it's all hands (my two specifically) on deck and boxes will be being filled with stock to head it's way to a market near you.  This is an odd year for doing markets for me as normally I am all signed up and ready to announce where I will be and when.  I have so many more shows/markets that I can do this year and some don't start to organize until Sept, so my schedule is tentative.   
Confirmed thus far is....
Salt Spring Farmer's Market every Saturday up to 28th (with the exception of Oct 14th)
October 13, 14 & 15 - West Coast Women's Show at Tradex, 1190 Cornell St, Abbotsford, BC
November 17, 18, 19 - West Coast Women's Show at BC Place, 777 Pacific Blvd, Vancouver, BC
Nov 23, 24, 25, 26 - Signatures Handmade Market at RBC Convention Centre, 375 York Ave, Winnipeg, MB
And for the other events, we wait for the events to organize and/or offer spaces to new vendors.  It's a waiting game but rest assured that I am staying busy building even more new and exciting items for you to shop for.  I will be having official launches of NEW items in September and strongly urge people to shop online in advance for delivery either through courier or at the events that are near you to ensure that you are not disappointed as I start to sell out closer to the holidays.
And on that note, I am off to test out new equipment.  Wish me luck!  I'll keep you posted on any updates!
Sending all of my gratitude for the support and love!

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