internetty...interwebby....or insta/net/webby.

Lana McCullough

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Hey All!  I was looking for blog inspiration this week while still stuck in the trenches of facebook, instagram, twitter and basic computer connection/information overload.  There was something about this picture that a friend tweeted or re-tweeted (for correct terminology about how exactly I came across the pic) that just reminded me of my approach to all things internetty...interwebby....or insta/net/webby.  I basically now feel like I'm spewing words that don't even exist and English is no longer involved in this post. But here I am...I do now check twitter more frequently than never.  I do post a few pics via...

Test Burn Video Small Auroras

Lana McCullough

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Hey all! This is my way of cheating at sitting down and actually writing a blog.  Trust me, it almost took me as long to do a video where I wasn't rambling on, where I was making my key points and where I was actually speaking English instead of blurg, gawp, doop.  If you've ever tried to do a video, you know what I mean.  The words are in the head but don't come out as such on the video.  Hence the take 1, 2, 3 and so on.  I believe I was on take 32 when I finally got...

Still learning social media on the Interwebs

Lana McCullough

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I like to think I have the candle making thing down. I still test like crazy to be sure but I think I'm probably 95% there. I've got it covered. So I start out with stars in my eyes, sell at markets, open some shops and I'm golden, right? Wrong. There's this thing called social media for mass marketing and reaching out to your customers. Okay, no problem, I can set up a Facebook account, link it to Twitter and we are done. Nope. Turns out that people can respond to you and tweet at you. Really. I didn't fully...

That Time of the Year

Lana McCullough

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It's the time of year when the tax man comes a knocking and we reflect on how we did last year. Reflecting is good. It allows you to see what you did that was right and what you did that was not such a good idea. The thing about creating your own product is that there is noone to tell you what a good idea might be and what will be a huge success. And it's more like the success just builds over time if you've done everything right anyways. Last year was a BIG year for us. Lots of...

It's Test burning time.....again!

Lana McCullough

Today is test burning day/week. It's that time when I double check all the candles to make sure that everything is working as close to perfection as possible. If the candles didn't last so long, this would be a quicker job. I test burn from top to bottom at the recommended burn time of anywhere from a half hour to 2-4 hours. There's even a few that I leave burning for a full 12 hours straight to make sure that there's no over heating of glass in worst case scenarios. And I burn them from top to bottom because the...