Happy New Year 2016! Hartmont Update

Lana McCullough

Happy 2016! It's a New Year in so many ways! We had an excellent run in Vancouver for two years at Granville Island. So many great customers found us there and made the time spent in Vancouver very well worth it. The Vancouver Christmas Market was another rousing success and though a tough haul over 33 solid days, it always delivers and meets our expectations. We have so much positive support that in no way do I ever consider my time spent in Vancouver a folly. There are many connections made there that still will result in us bringing our...

HOT summer days in Vancouver!

Lana McCullough

Tags hot summer, love air conditioning, soy is difficult to work with

I have to admit that BC is not being the lady that I expected her to be for the summer time. Gosh darn, (and that's the toned down version) it's HOT here. I'm not whining because it's uncomfortable to live in but because it makes the production of my products next to impossible. Today, again, I was thwarted from my candle making endeavours as we try to figure out how to get the heat down back in our pouring area in the warehouse. We have it clocked at 31 degrees C without factoring in the humidex. Soy wax is a...

It's about who you are!

Lana McCullough

Tags inspiring analogy, look out world, unique scents, unique wax, what we do

I had the soul affirming discussion with someone this week about exactly this topic. They were comparing what they thought was the same product made by someone else to my candles. At first I was really insulted but then I decided to take from the conversation it's intent. It may not have been their intent but it was definitely the universe's intent. The type of wax and the burn time and the price was their only criteria. So soy wax, wood wick, burn time and price. “ It's the same as your candles is it not? “, is what they...

Countdown to Christmas!

Lana McCullough

Tags Forest Musk, new scent, Vancouver Christmas Market 2015

Let's be honest, the countdown to Christmas is ongoing for me 364 days of the year but.... the summer season is hitting and along with it the panic of Christmas a coming around the corner. Yup, it's time to ramp up production and get things made en masse for that season when the cool is in the air, the dark is enveloping us more and more as the days get shorter and the joy of a glowing candle becomes a wonderful comfort at the end of a long day. I get it. I love candles too! So in looking forward...

internetty...interwebby....or insta/net/webby.

Lana McCullough

Tags facebook, instagram, internet, stay calm, twitter

Hey All!  I was looking for blog inspiration this week while still stuck in the trenches of facebook, instagram, twitter and basic computer connection/information overload.  There was something about this picture that a friend tweeted or re-tweeted (for correct terminology about how exactly I came across the pic) that just reminded me of my approach to all things internetty...interwebby....or insta/net/webby.  I basically now feel like I'm spewing words that don't even exist and English is no longer involved in this post. But here I am...I do now check twitter more frequently than never.  I do post a few pics via...